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Optimized industry SolutionS

For all your complicated needs

We are helping to build products that fulfill our customers changing needs. Current solutions are not keeping with trends and are in need of being replaced with longer lasting products.

We are going to be producing a line of prefabricated walls and pre-cast concrete fasaudes. 

We are trialing smart solutions and developing products to produce and serve the local market.  As well as decreasing the construction time, pre cast offers a cost effectiveness, and a precision of quality that offers infinite options in look and design. 


Industry Focused Products!

Geoploymer Cement

Using ancient materials as a starting point, we are exploring nano and polymer materials to a make a 23rd century concrete. 

Concrete Blocks

In addition to pre cast walls, we will be offering Autoclaved aerated concrete. These blocks are lightweight, inexpensive, soundproof, and fire retardant. Excellent choice for housing and applications that require budget stringency and short build times.  

Pre Cast

Precast concrete wall are perfect for industrial warehouses, schools, municipal buildings, flex buildings, student housing, retirement housing, and many other types of buildings that require expedited construction, high architectural atheistic and strength.

Defence products

Impact-rated security barriers and bollards are used to protect military installations, perimeter fencing, guarded entrances, military bases and create secure security blast corridors. The product is easily transported by air with C-17 Globemaster, A400M Atlas Lockheed C-130(J) Hercules or Embraer KC-390. Custom solutions can be configured to make loads easier to transport by helicopters such as the CH-53E Super Stallion. EMP (electromagnetic pulse) proof facilities are important we can provide prefab wall with built in faraday cages to our customers specifications.  

Need help with easier industrial solutions? We are experts!